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Tanzania Animals Photographs!

A camera is really an excuse to delve deeper into a place than we otherwise would. Looking for a good shot forces us to seek out the unique features and scenic beauty of a location, to explore further, and to interact with our surroundings. When you press the shutter release, you’re making a personal connection to the place and its people. My lifelong passion is to strive for originality and excellence, which is a continuous effort! – DonKassim

WILDLIFE, LANDSCAPE & TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY Photo Safaris to Tanzania “ The last 13 years of my life have been an amazing visual journey exploring the African continent with an intense photographic passion. From the great plains of the Serengeti to the summit of Kilimanjaro …. I have searched for the “ Perfect Moment “. A moment where everything comes together … Light, Timing and Emotions that create a memorable and forever lasting scene! Bobby Tours Tanzania Safaris has given me the opportunity to share my experience with other photographers from around the globe that are eager to discover the African continent “ www.bobbytours.com

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